Easy To Install

All you need is PHP hosting with a database... that's it!! Our simple installer gets you set up in minutes

Powerful Features

Everything you need to create an amazing review site

Performance and Security

OpenReviewScript is based on the CodeIgniter Framework for PHP providing safe, secure code and fast performance. Most coders will be familiar with its Model-View-Controller architecture


Powerful theme system lets you create or modify designs without needing to know any PHP. All themes are CSS/HTML based with a separate set of template files that control the content on each page

Manage Your Site

Intuitive manager interface gives you complete control over your site content

Optimized For Search Engines

Built-in SEO features based on your site's content help to get your site indexed fast

100% Open Source

You have access to every single line of code, unlike other review scripts nothing is encrypted. OpenReviewScript is released under the GPL v2.0 license

Multi-language Support

All the text on your site can be edited in one place making translation to any language easy

Completely Free

OpenReviewScript is completely free to download and use!