Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Open Review Script instead of one of the other review scripts out there?

Open Review Script is perfect for you if:

  • you want to quickly set up high quality review sites without needing to know anything about programming or databases
  • you like software that's constantly being developed and improved
  • you want a script that both designers and coders will be able to pick up and work with quickly
  • you don't like encrypted, obfuscated source code that stops you being free to do what you want with your own site

It's free to download, easy to install and can be used over and over to create as many review sites as you want.

If you can find another review script that has all the above and you like it more than Open Review Script, then let us know what more we can do for you.

Can I remove the 'Powered By OpenReviewScript' link in the footer on my site?


Open Review Script is released under the GPL so you can modify whatever you want within the terms of the license and that includes the link in the footer. If you love the script, please consider another way to contribute such as contributing themes or code.

I want to get involved and help the project. How can I do that?

Our goal is to create the best review script. This can only happen with the support and feedback of our community of users. Here's a few ways you can help us to grow and improveā€¦

  • Put a link somewhere on your sites to
  • Tell your friends about OpenReviewScript and ask them to do the same

Your help is always appreciated, thank you ;-)

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