Tech Gadgets for 2016

Every new we make resolutions that help us improve our lives. Well if it is so hard to keep with your resolutions maybe a gadget will be of help. Maybe you can get a new alarm clock that will wake you up in a whole different way or you simply need something to change your temperature.


This teardrop-shaped device isn’t a sex toy, it’s a smart thermostat. Ween bills itself as the anti-Nest: Instead of learning from your usual comings-and-goings behaviors, Ween adjusts your home’s temperature in real time, using your smartphone’s location to know whether you’re on the couch, or if you’ve left the house and it can drop the temperature a few degrees to save money on your heating bill. It has a wall mount that fits where your current thermostat lives, and this teardrop unit, which you can sit in your kitchen or living room. To adjust the temperature, you just twist the teardrop’s silver tip clockwise or counter-clockwise. Ween will arrive in France this spring, and globally after that.


We can’t decide whether this is ridiculous or amazing. Sensorwake is an olfactory alarm clock — an alarm clock that uses smell, rather than sound or vibrations, to wake you up in the morning. The idea is that you’re woken up by one of your favorite fragrances, something that puts you in a good mood so each morning you wake up with a smile. There are a handful of scents to choose from, including espresso, mown grass, chocolate, and freshly baked croissant. The smell is produced by a capsule that lasts 30 days (30 uses), which you can swap out as you wish. Sensorwake aims to ship by this summer for $109, but you can pre-order it now for $89.

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The CES Convention also saw a number of innovations and gadgets being released or being announced. From smartphones to solar powered grills. The convention ran form 6th-9th January 2016.

1. The EHang 184 is a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company EHang. It is an autonomous drone that will be able to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 60 MPH. The 184 also has gull-wing doors and arms that fold up.

2. Lenovo announced that the company would be producing the first Google Project Tango phone. The conference was short on details, but we know is that Lenovo is going to release a phone that is going to cost less than $500 this summer. The company doesn’t have a final design just yet, but pictured above is a glimpse one of the 5 designs.

3. Garmin’s Varia Vision is an augmented reality display that you mount to your sunglasses. And it’s not just about displaying how well you’re doing, it can alert you about traffic and directions. The$400 device could be a dream come true for cyclists when it comes out in Q1 2016.

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The CES Convention was not only about communication and transportation, health and fitness were also catered for. There were numerous health gadgets and at least we can look forward to their release during the year.

1. The Gadget: The Fitbit Blaze

Why You’ll Love It: This latest model from the king of trackers is a fit take on the classic smart watch, alerting you to calls and texts on its color screen. Naturally, the Blaze also offers all of Fitbit’s other data-sensing features, including the souped-up versions with heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. Also available on the color touchscreen are on-screen workout ideas and music control — when you really need to boost those BPMs. At just under $200, it’s a steal compared to other smart watches.

When You Can Get it: March 2016;

2. The Gadget: iFit NordicTrack Escape

Why You’ll Love It: Well, there’s no doubt about it: NordicTrack has created the world’s coolest treadmill. While a giant 60-inch 4K OLED TV, turned on its side for maximum runner visibility, transports you to scenic locations far and wide — Google Street View enables you to even go block by block if you’d like. Four motors inside the machine replicate rolling hills or steep declines, gently jostling you from side to side at times, simulating the outdoor terrain of whichever locale you’ve chosen. With such technological precision, this baby definitely won’t come cheap — its current retail estimate is $8,000-$10,000 — but it might just be worth it if you’re often stuck indoors.

When You Can Get It: Late 2016;

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