Downloading Videos And Mp3s From Youtube

I believe Youtube is the best video sharing site on the planet now. People are watching different types of videos on youtube including tutorials, songs, movies, webinars, games matches, or all kind of interesting videos that you can find online.

Some of the favourites movies/videos you may want to save it for future references or watch it offline, but do you know how to save the videos from youtube to your computer? Well, this is where the third-party youtube video downloader comes in.

To download online videos, you can use various kinds of video downloaders like online or URL video downloaders, free or paid video download programs, or even use the browser add-on or extension to do that. Out of these, the paid video downloader is the most reliable but it cost some money.

I have found several programs that can download the audio videos from Youtube like Replay Media Catcher, WM Recorder, and Wondershare AllMyTube. With those programs, downloading videos from Youtube is such a simple task that even the most computer illiterate person could do it (and I am pretty bad with computers, lol).

But really, I am just a massive Youtube fanatic. When Im not working on school work or playing on my xbox, Im usually on my computer checking out music videos on Youtube or watching the Fail videos or whatever else I can find that makes me laugh hysterically that I can then share with my friends on Facebook.

Replay Media Catcher (RMC)
The biggest use that I have had for Replay Media Catcher so far is ripping the mp3 right out of the latest music videos to pop onto Youtube. I find this to be my favorite feature of all right now. Obviously, the software works great at downloading the videos straight to my desktop, but sometimes I just want the mp3 file so I can store it on my ipod or whatever.

Youtube is a great site for music. I usually never have any trouble finding any song that I want on there. You probably already know that Youtube provides a great deal of entertainment when you have people over for a party or a get-together. There are always a few people that will hop on the closest computer and play their favorite songs using Youtube. It gets even more exciting when youve got your computer plugged into a nice sound system or the TV. That is when you really get the house rocking.

What I like to do is when my friends find cool songs that I like, Ill hop onto my computer and immediately begin to download the mp3 of the video using Replay Media Catcher. This software is really cool and user-friendly like that. A lot of my friends are now using it because theyve seen me download mp3’s with no trouble whatsoever. It more than paid for itself in the first couple of days, lol. No more buying individual songs for $0.99!

Wondershare AllMyTube
For those that dont have luck using the video downloader like RMC, you still can use other program like Wondershare AllMyTube that specially designed to download videos from youtube. The process is pretty straight forward; you need to install the program before using it. Then, copy the URL of the youtube video you want to download and paste it to the program and let the program do the job for you!

WM Recorder
This is slightly different from the video downloader programs as its a recorder, which means it record the video on your computer screen when the video is running or playing. The biggest advantages of WM Recorder were that it allows you to schedule and resume the recordings. Besides allow multiple streams of recording, the software also able to record the password protected or encrypted videos that seems to be difficult if youre using the video downloaders.

For more info and full review of WM Recorder, click here.

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