What Does Secured E-recycling Actually Secure?

By this time, you might have an idea what e-recycling means, but do you have a clue when it comes to secured e-recycling? Is it e-recycling done in a secured bomb shelter? Or do they have high tech equipment that prevents accidents to happen?

As fun as those silly ideas sound, they are incorrect. The part that says secure in e-recycling refers to data handling. Remember that e-recycling mostly deal with electronic devices such as computers, tablets, network communications devices, and smartphones.

Most of the e-waste are capable of storing data, which can be easily exposed when e-recycled. These data are often from users and business establishments, and most of them are intimate and sensitive information. Does data in those waste can get access outside the recycling facility? Yes, they do. And there are multiple of ways that can happen.

Why Bother Securing Data If They Are Going To Be Destroyed and Disassembled Anyway?

You should know that not every electronic device in a recycling center is disassembled and undergoes material extraction. Most of them are inspected and quality checked. There are staff from the center who will be the one to check the devices if they can still be of good use or are already beyond repair.

They Are Already Thrown Away, So Why Bother Checking If They Still Work? It is unfortunate that most electronic devices nowadays are thrown not only because they became fancy and expensive paperweights, but also because they were functioning devices and were replaced. It’s wasteful, but this happens every time. Because of that, most e-waste materials are always intact, which means that the data inside them are also intact.

How Exactly These Personal Data Can Get Outside The Center?
If the e-waste device can be repaired and/or refurbished, they will be sold or donated, in some cases, as pre loved equipment. Without regards to security, a fixed device with untouched data storage containing personal and sensitive information will make its way outside and to another person.

Why Don’t All Recycling Centers Offer This Kind of Service?
The e-recycling process itself is already a huge expense. It’s unlike regular trash processing that can be operated by a few low skilled individuals. You can’t just throw e-waste devices on a conveyor belt and expect extracted materials to be just picked up at the other end. You need specialists.

E-waste is a conglomerate of different electronic parts such as computers, smart devices, and other network-related electronic devices. A PC guy can’t accurately say that a smartphone can be fixed or reused. This means that you need a lot of employees. If you want to have a few then you need to provide training and education. And that’s just operating a regular e-recycling center. If you want data security, you either need additional staff or train again. This is the reason why secured e-recycling is often offered to business entities and organizations, which can pay the necessary fees should you wish to dispose of your electronic devices properly.

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